Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 3

Wednesday, 8/24/2011

Alarm clock set:
I don't really remember. I think I turned it off sometime around 4:30am when I was half awake feeding Jackson. Then Kristian woke me up around 7 (got to sleep in!) saying he had Caed up and eating breakfast but he had to start getting ready. Time for me to get going!

On my mind:
These days won't last forever-- Enjoy them!
What would my parenting (and life) look life if I looked more like Jesus?

Highs & Successes:
- We had an 8:45am doctor's appt for Caed... and we made it!  My goal was to leave the house 30 minutes before the appt. Our doctor is located about 4 minutes from our house, right on campus. But I had a feeling it would take us 30 minutes door to door, and sure enough we walked in exactly at 8:45am.
- A happy visit to our friends' house after the doctor... We love hanging out with Natalie and Hudson. The boys thought it was really funny to tickle each other today. And I drank a full cup of coffee there without even reheating.
- Natalie has a legit bounce house... in her house. Every kid's dream. It's awesome. The boys had a blast. Caedmon was timid at first but by the end he was doing nose dives out the opening and onto the floor.

-This sweet little guy slept in the wrap the whole playdate. And he does this silly face a lot and makes me laugh. 

- This little feller was brought to me by my eldest to keep me company while I fed my youngest. I considered it a lovely gift.

- Flashlight fun in the living room

- He totally picked up this magazine all on his own and got up in the chair at the doctor's office. How did he know waiting room etiquette??

- Little brother loves cuddling. (and therefore does NOT like being put down.)

-My good friend, Nicole, came to spend the afternoon with us and even brought her camera to take a few pictures of Jackson. She's a pro. And she's wonderful.

Lows & Fails:
- While quickly trying to get ready in the bathroom this morning I looked down at Caedmon who was playing at my feet and he had a bar of soap sticking out of his mouth. At the same moment I was exclaiming for him to remove the soap he was realizing that soap does not taste good. I guess as long as he had it in there I should have made it a teaching moment and scolded him for all the bad words he says, but since he doesn't really talk yet...
-Diaper leakage on big brother on way into doctor's office. No change of clothes.
-Big brother repeatedly yelling "Mo!" ("more") at our kind hostess this morning to receive more snacks. His manners may need a little refining.
-Apparently Jackson doesn't really like laying in wooden bowls or sitting in wicker baskets so he wasn't very cooperative for Nicole and me.

End of the day ponderings:
-I had about 45 minutes of "free time" this evening from the time Jackson finally fell asleep a bit ago and my intended bed time of 10:30. I wrote this blog post which means the kitchen is still dirty and the living room still wrecked. But they will still be there to happily greet me in the morning, so no worries.
-It's been a long and tiring, but really wonderful day.