Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 2

A little mobile I made a while back for the nursery.
Maybe I'll get around to posting more pics later.

Tuesday, 8/23/2001

Alarm clock set:
6am (But I was able to pull both babies back into bed with me and sleep until 7. This has never happened. I was in blissful shock.)

Words that kept me going:
I choose thankfulness.
Learn to change my expectations.

Highs & Successes:
-Animal crackers dipped in Nutella (for me)
-Coffee finished (even though it was at 3pm)
-A delicious salmon cake lunch made by my talented sister leftover from her visit
-My gracious friend, Shannon, left banana bread on our porch
-An hour and a half of both boys sleeping! I had time to eat lunch, fold all the laundry, and even respond to a few emails.
-We got out in the car for the first time today! Went to a new natural grocery store in town. I'll definitely be returning. I wore Jackson in the Moby wrap and Caed rode in the cart. Worked wonderfully, besides a couple cries here and there.
-Both boys wore pants to the store
-Made our bed, even if it was at 4:30pm
Lows & Fails:
-Was looking at my phone a few too many times while Caedmon was trying to get my attention. Hate that. I've tried to stop things like Facebook during the day completely now. The dinosaur my son is wanting to show me is much more important than a breaking news story, and maybe a little more important than what my junior high friend is eating for lunch.
-Naptime was rough (until they both conked). Caedmon was not in the mood to sleep but after 2 hours of me going in and out of his room he finally caved. 
-Caed stayed in a wet diaper way too long
-Leaky milk cup = spots all over couch
-Once again, a little more Sesame Street than usual

Melt my heart moment:
Both asleep sitting on the couch after I brought them in from the car...

I guess the grocery trip was more exhausting than I realized.