Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 1

Monday, 8/22/11

Alarm clock set:

Survive our first day together, and try to have fun while we're at it. (Due to all the incredible help from our incredible family, this is the first full day I've had with both the boys and nobody else.)

What will Baby C do while I feed Baby J?
What will Baby J do while I put Baby C down for a nap?
How in the world is this supposed to work?

Words that kept me going:
I choose thankfulness. I choose to look at these small happenings through the day and thank God.

Looked at the clock at 7am while changing Baby C's diaper and told myself it was just 12 hours until bedtime.

Highs & Successes:
-Drank my whole cup of coffee, only reheating it 4 times
-Grabbed Caed's ankle just in time to halt his head-first plummet from my bed an inch above the hard wood floor
-Nobody starved
-I got out of my pajamas
-Caedmon was an angel all day, especially during Jackson's feedings. Can't even count how many times I told him I was so proud of him.
-We all were asleep at one point
-Took a walk in the early morning
-My sweet friend Natalie brought me lunch and provided conversation with another adult for a whole hour!
-Played with water and a paintbrush and foam shapes with Caed on the front porch. He loved it.

Lows & Fails:
-Made a cup of tea at 3pm. Reheated and attempted to drink about 11 times until finally throwing it out at 10pm.
-Baby J lay crying in his own small puddle while I put Baby C down for his nap.
-Baby J cried through last half of walk from the extreme heat
-Though he didn't starve, I think Caedmon only ate bread, french fries, and crackers today. Oops.
-Turned on Elmo a little longer than normal
-Never actually got any pants on Caedmon.... or Jackson, come to think of it.

Thoughts at the end of the day:
So grateful.
I was quite nervous about this day, and it really could not have gone better.
Embracing thankfulness and praising God for the small everyday things is glorifying to Him, and life-giving to me.
I know everyday won't be this smooth, but I sure am thankful for the ones that are.

We will see how tomorrow goes!
(Might try to document this whole week just for the fun of it!)