Friday, July 01, 2011

What We Do

Here are a couple little snapshots of our days. I find Caed seems to thrive more when there are activities and new points of stimulation, so I'm always searching for new ideas. (Email me if you have any!)

We spend lots of time reading during our down time at home, and have checked out every board book our library has to offer multiple times. Now we visit a thrift store I found with a great children's book section for 99 cents each and buy several every month. 

Video chats with Annie, who he calls "Ahhng"
Lots of park time, and finding secret passage ways under picnic tables
Making colored rice to shake and run fingers through.
This site has been so helpful for creating fun, cheap, educational activities!
Reading on big pallets during rainy days, staring out the glass door and talking about all we see and hear, and most importantly, eating snacks. 

'Gardening' and watering the plants 
And...... Lots of eating, pool time most afternoons with friends to beat the summer heat, baby story time at the public library and a visit to the Farmer's Market on Wednesdays, walks on campus, tent-making, weekly bible study time with small group of girls and kiddos from church, grocery shopping, and an increasing amount of Baby Einstein video clips on YouTube as mama's belly increases in size.

Giving "Pup" a bath the other day! Very intriguing for this little guy.  

Of course, these are the fun moments. Blogging (like most social media) can be unfair in that regard sometimes and we have the ability to paint our lives as perfect little pictures. Be not deceived! We have our fair share of temper tantrums and off moments.  And there are plenty of afternoons when I'm looking at the clock at 4 wondering what in the world we can do for two more hours to keep things interesting before Kristian gets home!

But for the most part our days are full and happy and there's nowhere else in the world I'd rather be. I'm trying my hardest not to allow these times to slip by without recognizing the gift that they are. They will be gone before I know it and I'll miss them dearly.