Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Summer Vacation!

We had one week in between Kristian's finals ending and his summer job beginning, and one chance to get away before our family of three becomes four! So we headed up to the Ozarks.

It was such a fantastic time and I'm so thankful for these memories. Kristian and I quickly realized that vacations now look quite different than vacations of the past.  Any hopes of relaxation have been replaced with the new reality of excitement and non-stop fun and adventure :)  (and chaos management!)

One of the trip's highlights for Caed: Feeding fish and turtles!

This place was just gorgeous.

Whenever we travel I keep a little journal of the daily happenings, a tradition my dad forced us to start on vacations when we were younger, and I am incredibly thankful.

Just a couple weeks ago I was looking back in journals from about 10 years ago and re-living some moments from our family trip to Ecuador. I laughed till I cried at some of the things I recorded! Those journals are invaluable to me.

Here are a few top favorites from this trip's journal:
-Family trip to Target to stock up on road trip snacks
-Family paddle boat ride with Caed sitting in between us steering
-Watching Kung Fu Panda with Kristian on our laptop with earphones one night while Caed slept (we had to get creative on what to do after 7:30pm when he went to sleep... and we were all in one room.)
-Out-of-this-world waffles with berries and whipped cream
-Time spent sitting on the balcony of our room with Kristian while Caedmon slept
-The incredible massage Kristian surprised me with for Mother's Day at the spa where we were staying.
- A dinner with Kristian the last night with the most breathtaking mountain view.  One of my favorite things in life: just sitting and talking with him.