Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Birthday My Love!

Since his last birthday a year ago, a lot has happened in Kristian's life.

He's bravely led his family in a cross-country move to pursue what we have believed to be the Lord's leading in legal education. By what he humbly calls only God's grace, he's done well and successfully completed his first year.

But regardless of his performance, I'd be immensely proud. 

In my mind, his biggest accomplishments of the past year include 
time spent with his son like the hours tickling and wrestling,

and the nightly bedtime story readings followed by rocking and singing him to sleep.

And it would include his diligence in initiating nightly scripture reading and prayer as he and I
get into bed each night, both so tired these days, 
and showing way too much kindness over every meal I make
(usually declaring it's the best ___ he's ever had!).

What matters this past year is the way he's sought to know the Lord in deeper ways
and offered encouragement and advice from that place of understanding,
and continued to exhibit what I consider to be an inspiring blend of
humility, intentionality, and boldness in his love for others.

He continues to encourage and challenge me.
I love him more as every year passes.

Happy Birthday to my most wonderful husband, Kristian Rose.