Monday, June 06, 2011

The Answer Every Time

The other day was a particularly rough one.

We'd just gotten back from our little family vacation (which was so wonderful) and there were piles of dirty laundry and no groceries and a baby who had been off his normal schedule for a week and was testing all the boundaries and throwing major tantrums when he didn't get his way.

At one point, so flustered, I stepped away for a moment into our room to try and regroup while Kristian fed Caedmon.

I sat on our bed, opening my bible randomly, and read Psalm 31. The last line I was left with before I walked back into what felt like chaos was
The Lord preserves the faithful...
Be strong and let your heart take courage,
all you who wait for the Lord.
Honestly, I didn't feel instantaneously better, but I kept repeating these words in my mind as I fed Caed the rest of his lunch, trying my hardest to keep a smile on my face and a loving attitude, trusting that I would understand God's peace more eventually... or at least hoping so.

Then Caedmon's little food-covered hand pointed up at the sign that hangs on the wall right above his chair, that one I made a while back that reads, "give thanks."

He does this pretty frequently during meals and likes us to read it and he mimics our tones with his own version. Usually it will happen once or twice a day. This time he kept pointing to it over and over again and wanted me to keep saying it.

So there I sat saying "Give thanks, give thanks, give thanks" somewhat absently-mindedly, until it finally hit me.

Ah, yes.
Give thanks.
I know this.
I've learned this well the last several months, yet I still so often forget the thing that brings such joy.

Reflecting on thanks changes everything, and most importantly it takes our focus off ourselves and turns it to the Lord. It's worship.

The rest of the day was not perfect, but the posture of my heart was dramatically different.  When the gifts and the Giver are the focus, patience and love seem to flow a lot more easily.

So thankful for His gracious reminders.