Friday, May 06, 2011

Little Pieces of Life

Caedmon and I are staying busy while Kristian studies hard core for finals. He's doing such a great job. I'm not sure how he does it. My mind would have definitely exploded by now.

Apparently last weekend was festival weekend in our town. They were happening everywhere! After dropping Kristian off at the school on Saturday, Caed and I met friends over on Main street to watch a parade. I think it was Caedmon's first and he was enthralled. Loved watching his face.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the contrast between this small town parade, and the NYC Macy's Day parades we attended for several years.

This one mainly consisted of John Deere tractors, firetrucks and police cars with their lights flashing, Jr. High bands, a few horse-drawn wagons, and was topped off with the local Teacher-of-the-Year nominees riding in the back of a convertible. Love it.

Caedmon thought it was pretty cool to stand in the back of our friend's pick-up to enjoy the show.


Staying on top of the stationary sales has been keeping me pretty busy in the evenings, and I'm so thankful! I can't thank all of you enough who have bought cards to support the heart surgery through PLC. In a matter of weeks YOU have helped us raise almost enough for the surgery (meaning THREE surgeries!

I can't express how grateful we are and what a joy it's been to see so many friends and family members (and a few strangers!) contribute to this. Thank you so very much. 


And lastly, how could I not mention it.... the Royal Wedding!

I don't read People magazine or follow celebrity news closely so I didn't know a whole lot about the wedding leading up to the day. But I was excited to bring it up online and watch while Caed and I played in the living room during the day Friday. (And later I may have watched some of it twice.)

Just gorgeous!

I even got teary at one point when Kate and her father were riding through the streets of London on the way to the Abbey and the whole city was lined up waving and cheering. It was amazing. And as their car drew closer to the church, life as she'd known it was quickly drawing to a close.  There was so much happening in those moments.

I loved the fact that an entire city (and really much of the world) would pause for a day in celebration. I think that's a beautiful thing.

I've always been fascinated by the British Monarchy and this of course added to my intrigue. So wonderful to watch this bit of history in the making.