Sunday, May 01, 2011

Celebrating a most excellent sister

Today we celebrate the birthday of my beautiful sister, Anne.

I'm told that when she was born, I (just over a year and a half old) would pet her head and say "Nice, nice."
And I still feel the same today.

If you've read my blog for any length of time you know how much I love my sisters. They are incredible and I'm so blessed to have two best friends for life.

I couldn't imagine a more uplifting and encouraging sister than Anne. She shows genuine happiness for me and has in every stage of life. She's unbelievably supportive.

She's humble and seeks counsel from others.

She loves Kristian like her own brother, and loves her nephew with a passion, which is such gift to me.

She's a blast. We've always enjoyed the same types of things and so love doing just about anything together, especially if it includes sitting still and drinking coffee. 

Anne's adventuresome and has been majorly stretched over the last few years through her time in YWAM.  She's on a fantastic West Coast journey right now, touring with her group to distribute a book they wrote and a message-- lessons they learned and inspirations from their world travels over the past two years.  You should really follow along!

I keep thinking of more and more things I want to say about Sister, but I want to get this post up before I go to bed, so in closing I say Happy Birthday to a better sister than I could ever dream of or hope for. You are a true gift in my life for which I'm exceedingly grateful. 

Thank you for being who you are. All three of us love you so very much.