Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Big Events!

Again, thanks so much to everyone who has been ordering cards. It's been so much fun to be in contact with so many generous friends, old and new. I so appreciate you all. We're well on our way to a heart surgery for a little child in Iraq. So grateful.

I was reminded this morning how important it is to keep the focus. It's all about Christ and what he's done for us. He's the reason for giving, for caring, for joining together to help someone in a difficult situation.

I am reminded constantly throughout the day of His grace in my own life. He is the purpose, the meaning, the passion.

Good works don't save, only He does. No act could ever repay him for what he's done, but we can make it our joy to serve him with our lives. I've a long way to go, but again, thankful for his grace.

As I was packing cards to ship out last night this song came on my Pandora station- one that I've posted on the blog before, and the words are so powerful to me. Nothing has the power to save but Him. 


Last week held two big events in the Rose household!

Number One: (Though he will probably not be happy I'm posting this here) Kristian won his Moot Court competition! This is a mandatory event held for all the first year law students. They pair up and there were about 90 teams to start with. Over the course of a couple weeks fewer and fewer teams made it through each round until the finals last Thursday.

I was able to get a friend to run over last minute to watch Caed (thank you, Nicole!) and was so thankful to be able to see Kristian in action. It was amazing. After an hour long debate in front of Oklahoma Supreme Court Justices, Kristian and his partner won. Needless to say, I was incredibly proud of my man.

Number Two: (and of course, equally as important) Baby's first haircut! We set him up in his swing in the backyard and snipped away. He was a champ.

Happy Wednesday!