Saturday, April 09, 2011

Little Pieces of Life

The last couple weeks have been full and good. With the high gas prices I've been trying to get out less and think of fun things to do around the house. I also recognize that in a few months I might have trouble getting out as much with the new baby and Caed so I want to get used to our home being a fun and enjoyable place to be and not feel the need to get out and go somewhere all the time. (I'm more of a homebody anyway, so this isn't too hard.)

This week we have been playing with the Bear Cave we made a few weeks ago. When Caed wakes up he has a habit of coming and standing in front of the cave and growling loudly at the stuffed bears inside. It's hilarious. 

Some blogs feature weekly DIY's. Here's mine for you:

1. Get a large cardboard box
2. With your hand rip a large chunk out of one side
3. Fill with bears, or animal of choice

Now set your babies loose! 
Or if you don't have any kids, you will probably want to just go ahead and throw that away, and I'm sorry to have wasted your time. 

This lovely piece has been adorning our living room for many days now. Caedmon loves to show the bears to guests.

I've worked on a couple other projects as well. I'll post soon on a few. I'm definitely feeling some nesting starting to kick in.

And speaking of kicking, this little guy in my belly is kicking all the time, just like his big brother did. I have a feeling they are going to get along quite well. Sometimes when I'm holding Caed the little babe inside starts to kick. They're already rough-housing.

A sweet friend invited C and me out to her parents' home in the country for a day last week. We had such a great time. Caed was fascinated by the pinwheels and the ceramic bunnies.

Curious boys looking out the window...

A glimpse of the belly a few weeks ago
My 5 month pregnant body has decided to become pained and exhausted this week so I've been spending spare moments lying on the couch or on the bench swing outside while Caed plays. I'm so thankful the weather has been nice.

Kristian reminded me yesterday that during the last pregnancy I sat at a desk all day and now I'm chasing around a toddler, so some new discomfort is to be expected. I'm still so thankful- I know the pain could be so much worse. 

Awe-struck by the elephant!
Our town help their annual Medieval Festival last week. Apparently it's kind of a big deal! We had to stop by to catch a glimpse of the elephants, and yes- eat a turkey leg. 

Muddy, soaked, and happy as can be.
Almost always has a stick and dirt in hand. 
Picnic on campus.
Daddy is so much fun to play hide-and-seek with.

"Time’s this priceless currency and only the slow spend it wise enough to be rich."