Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tulsa Spring Break 2011!

Some may say Tulsa, Oklahoma, isn't a vacation destination.
We would gladly challenge them.

It's the end of Kristian's spring break and we're enjoying a few days off with his side of the family. Their home is excellent for relaxing, playing and eating until you feel sick.

Kristian and Caed about to attempt a very narrow tube slide.  
Tulsa may not be the most exotic of destinations, but it's a wonderful place to be and we're making the most of every moment.

We geared up in green on St. Patrick's, visited parks, ate ice cream, took walks, (worked on the attitude of a certain toddler who has learned to scream at piercing levels to get what he wants), and even cooked a traditional Irish dinner with corned beef and cabbage- delicious!

Yesterday held golf for Kristian and his dad, an aquarium adventure (which included a walk through a shark tunnel), a Tex-Mex lunch, a treasure hunt (walking around in the grass with Caed and collecting sticks and leaves in a ziplock bag), the A&M March Madness game, and an indulgence in La Roma pizza, ice cream and a movie here at the house. During a nap-time I even got to run to a great antique store and browse around. A delightful day.

Today included a delicious homemade breakfast, a trip to Utica Square for lunch with Grandma and Great-grandma, and a Grandpa-lead tour of downtown Tulsa.

Completely captivated by the sharks swimming overhead 

We are loving all this undivided time with Kristian.  Caedmon has even made a habit of yelling "Da! Da!" when Daddy's not in sight.

I was thinking today that, though Kristian and I absolutely love and value traveling the world and experiencing culture, it may not always be an option. We could take family 'vacations' to Tulsa every year and if we display hearts of thankfulness and adventure, our kids will think it's the best place on earth.

This is something I definitely learned from my parents growing up. For years our family vacations usually involved tents and campfires, or the desert alien land of Roswell, NM, and I couldn't have imagined anything better.  It was incredibly wonderful later on to be able to travel as a family to many other places in the world, but it still remains true that many of my greatest childhood memories were created in those simple settings that were treated as extravagant. I'm so thankful for that.