Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Signs of Life!

I love everything green and colorful popping up and blooming! There are all sorts of pretty things growing outside around the house (which I cannot take credit for planting). I love bringing them inside. 

Sprucing up for Easter with little things here and there... One corner holds flowers and candles, a cake stand and a cheese dome (cheap Goodwill finds several months back.)

In anticipation of Easter, here's a little rhyme from one of our favorite daily reads with Caedmon, Baby's Hug-a-Bible (the baby version of Sally Lloyd-Jones's famous Jesus Storybook Bible). It was a beautiful gift that we have read since he was born. And it always concludes with a hugging of the bible, of course.

Who died but came alive again?
Who came to rescue you and win?

Who came to make all things brand new?
Who did it all for love of you?

Sing and dance and leap and run!
His name is Jesus, little one!