Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Raising Boys

I came from a family of all girls and one very patient Dad.  So it is with much excitement, anticipation, and maybe a little bit of fear that I enter into this new season of living as part of an all boy family (for now, at least).

I am realizing I have so much to learn and prepare for! Besides all the major heart issues and nurturing of young boys' adventuresome souls, there are the everyday 'wild at heart' moments.

For instance, this baby loves being outside and playing with pointy sticks, digging holes, dipping hands in stagnant water, tasting rocks - really anything dirty will suffice.

I'm trying to learn the balance between protecting him from potential harms, and letting him be 'wild' and learn on his own. Both approaches are very important, I think, and I know it will take time (and mistakes) to learn that balance. I've got a ways to go.

On a family stroll tonight we stopped and played in a big grassy area that we love with lots of trees. 

Among the many treasures that Caedmon managed to scrounge up was this lovely teal lighter, which he happily waved all around...

And another was this...

... squirrel's tail.

The tail of a squirrel. 

In his tiny, sweet hand before we could see what he was picking up.

And it looked, well, fresh. 
Gives me chills just looking at that picture.

I of course screamed and gasped and gagged, while Kristian calmly whisked the furry appendage away with a piece of paper, assuring me that everything was fine (and I think secretly congratulated Caed on his find).

I'm not usually the super-squeamish type, but a squirrel's tail?! 

I will most certainly have to deal with these kinds of surprises on my own without Kristian's help so I guess I better get used to it now.

Though things may get crazy, I think boys are a blast.