Wednesday, March 09, 2011

From Musing to Embracing- Our blog's past and future!

If you are one who visits this page directly, as opposed to reading via RSS, you may have noticed a few changes!

I started this blog back in 2005 just days before getting married to the wonderful Kristian Rose, almost 6 years ago! I signed up on a whim, typing in the title 'Musings' with little thought, in order to get something in place to share stories and pictures with our families and friends once we moved to Hawaii several weeks after we were married. 

Kristian and I look back at those posts from time to time and laugh. We didn't even have internet in our apartment so we were only able to occasionally post from a nearby coffee shop, and sadly didn't have a camera a lot of the time we lived there. But there are some classic posts, like the one about our arrival to the island and the one where were bought a car. You can thank Kristian for the witty commentary and big words as he did almost all our blogging back then.

We kept on with updates and pictures over the next few years as we moved to NYC and had lots of stories to share. Kristian and I both wrote somewhat regularly on lighthearted and painful NYC experiences. God moved in our hearts over those years to better understand the plight of the poor and oppressed and our responsibility as his children to love. Plus, life in NYC brings lots of new experiences so there always seemed to be something interesting to write about (at least to us).

The past year and half has brought significant changes. We've moved from the East Coast to the Midwest, gone from double income and no kids, to no income and (almost) double kids. Life is fun and crazy and we are incredibly blessed learning to trust the Lord as he leads in ways unexpected. He is so gracious. 

I've wanted to change the blog name for a while to reflect more of my heart as this place is now more of a creative outlet for me.  The latter years in NYC I ended up doing most of the blogging, and now almost exclusively (though Kristian is always welcome, and has been known to sign in and make a surprise guest appearance from time to time).

The new blog title is EMBRACE & let go.

The idea behind it is simple. The words are opposite, but the same:

EMBRACING the things of God- the small and large moments in which thanksgiving is always available, embracing the difficult moments where God is refining us, embracing His unfathomable love for us, embracing financial simplicity so more can be done to serve those He's called us to...
Embracing LIFE as he gives and takes away.

And LETTING GO- letting go the control I so often try to hold, letting go of the expectations I hold others to, letting go of a desire for trivial things that won't satisfy, letting go and laying down burdens...
Letting Go of LIFE and running towards HIM, and the freedom and beauty He provides in that letting go.

Thank you so much for reading. You are all such an encouragement to me and I love to hear your thoughts, even if we've never spoken before! Please feel free to email me anytime at mary.kathryn.rose(at)gmail(dot)com.