Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Treat!

Treat /trēt/ 
-An event or item out of the ordinary that gives great pleasure. (

Friday Treat /frahy-dey trēt/
-Something I highly recommend incorporating into the day between Thursday and Saturday. It's sure to give "great pleasure!"

I may have shared about Friday Treats before, but if I have it's been a while.

The tradition started when I was younger. My Dad would often take us for donuts at Shipley's before school on Friday. A kolache, glazed or chocolate iced donut and chocolate milk. Oh yum. A delicious, sugary way to start the day. But it was more than the food, it was the set apart time for something special.

Still carrying on a donut (or some sort of little breakfast out) tradition on Saturday mornings when Kristian has a few hours off from studying and classes. We love this special treat!

On Friday afternoons in college you'd most likely find me sipping a Frozen Milky Way drink at Common Grounds reading a book, or trying to stifle uncontrollable laughter with Lauren over something incredibly funny  (in our opinions).

Since then, Friday treats have taken many different forms but almost always involve food or coffee and ideally a few set apart minutes.  Many Friday mornings in New York I would either leave the apartment about an hour early and stop to read and sip coffee before heading into work, or grab a whole grain bagel with egg on my way in.  A few of my close co-workers grew to love the Friday treat as well.*

Sicaffe was a common Friday morning reading and sipping spot in NYC.
These days it's almost impossible to get out and sit somewhere during the day, reading and pondering life, with my active little boy, but I'm resolved that Friday treats will continue. They just look different now than they have the past  10 years or so.

For instance, this morning I put aside several chores that needed to be done around the house during part of Caed's nap, and spent time sitting in a comfy chair with a cup of coffee and a book. Just about 30 minutes and virtually no cost, and the Friday treat is as enjoyable as ever. (I even added a little spoonful of  Nutella to my cup for something extra special.)

I'm excited to start bringing my kids into the tradition.  It never has to even cost a thing extra. Maybe we'll eat lunch on the floor instead of the at the table and call it a picnic, or eat popsicles and take a bath in our bathing suits and call it swimming, or make hot chocolate and watch a movie.

The idea is not to spend a lot of money, but to break out of the everyday and create a little something special to look forward to. (My ideal time would be relaxing, but with small ones this may not happen for a bit, and that's ok!)

I hope you enjoy a Friday Treat today, and every week!

*Just after writing this post I received an email from one of these close friends mentioning that she still carries on the Friday Treat tradition!