Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are

I love that I don't have to check items off a bucket list, visit exotic lands, or start my own business to feel like I've accomplished a full life.

I love that a full life comes only from God. A full life comes through counting his everyday blessings, small and large, seemingly good or painfully hard, and letting that thanksgiving lead into a life of praise.  It's what he asks of us because he knows it will lead us to a life of highest joy, fullest living, no matter our earthly circumstance. 

I've just finished the most wonderful book and I highly recommend.

There have been many posts here lately about my journal and the list of one thousand gifts. 

The inspiration for that list came from the author, Ann Voskamp's, website, which is a treasure in itself. 

It was then such a delight to receive her new book, One Thousand Gifts, for Christmas from Kristian and learn the motivation behind her counting of gifts and how it has changed her life. 

I have so many thoughts after reading this book and hopefully I'll make time to write about a few. 
For now, I just wanted to share the recommendation.

My second 'gift list' journal sits on the sill above my kitchen sick, splattered with dried water spots and filled with an ever growing list of God's goodness. 

And there's an additional gift! (in)courage is currently hosting a "book club" featuring Ann. Twice a week you can hear her talk for a few minutes about each chapter. Such a treat for me every Monday and Wednesday!