Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's Party!

For Caedmon's first birthday party we decided to go low-key and just have family in for an afternoon of relaxed fun. (I was so relaxed I inadvertently wore my slippers the whole day without even noticing.)

It was perfect. Everyone was so thoughtful and generous and Caedmon got all the attention he could ever desire. Below are a few shots that my sisters took throughout the day.

We just made a big pot of taco soup for lunch with cornbread, my mom brought salsa and chips, and my sisters made....

.... this INCREDIBLE creation! Are you not amazed? I was. Still am.

 Thank you sisters!
I think we need to take some more time to focus on it. 

A little game we made up involving the year each guest turned one.
Cake time. You can imagine how much I did not want to cut into this. It was worth it, though.
Thank you, family, for making Caedmon's day so special. As Kristian and I kept saying, we're pretty sure it was his most exciting day ever! You are all so amazing.