Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Day Worth Celebrating!

I simply cannot believe a year has gone by. Everyone was right... time flies with these little ones. You really have to embrace each moment.  Kristian and I talk often about the temptation to always be looking towards the next phase or season, but as we are not promised tomorrow, the joy of living in the current one.  Sometimes it's harder said than done, but I'm hoping we are making a little progress.
I could go on and on about all motherhood has taught me the past year.  I love those things and am very thankful for them.  But I keep thinking about one thing today that Caedmon himself has taught me.

Ever since he could make facial expressions and smile he has interacted so freely with people.  There has been nothing in life so far that has taught him to stereotype or discriminate. He loves well, and this is often convicting to me.

Grocery shopping is a blast because he waves and smiles and giggles at anyone near. They get the biggest kick out of it and pause from the busyness to take time and wave and smile back and interact with him. He loves it.
The thing that touches me the most, though, is when he smiles and waves and yells out to someone who looks like they might not have been noticed yet that day... those who might feel too self-conscious to even say hi to a baby, he takes the first step and waves to them. I have seen faces light up in such wonderful ways.  In those moments I wonder why I haven't been the initiator and taken time to interact as he has. It's powerful.

So today on Caedmon's birthday I am thankful for his lesson in Love. I pray that this characteristic in him would last a lifetime.  Each night I pray that he would love God with his whole heart and pursue him with passion, and that secondly he would love others very well and with humility.  I am thankful for signs of this in his little life already (and should probably spend more time praying it for myself.)
 Happy Birthday to a little life that has changed ours. So much thankfulness today.

All photos taken by his talented Aunt Anne!