Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: Glimpses of a Great Year

(And a very baby-dominated one!)

And back to where we started...
Yes. Truly.
Can't wait to meet our second sweet little baby in July!

Much more has happened this year than the few snapshots above depict.
The pictures don't capture the long hours of painful decision-making, prayer, leaving friends and a city we love dearly, endless studying, baby feedings and sleepless nights, moments of grace as God provides clarity and understanding, innumerable smiles and lots of laughter with our baby boy, patience tested by our baby boy, constant love and encouragement from my husband, support and generosity from our families... so many wonderful and difficult moments. So many reasons to be thankful.

It's been a year of learning. God has used a number of circumstances to teach us and stretch us and lead us to Him.

I daily become more aware of my inadequacies and daily cling to His grace.
He is enough.

May you who visit this little place have a year full of HIM.
Happy 2011 from the Roses!