Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Touch of Christmas

'Grace & Peace' sewn on a ribbon

When you Need Someone to Listen
A reminder of what God does and is
(from this morning's advent reading in Psalm 5 & 6)

Hears my groanings and cries, 
hears my voice in the morning, 
hears weeping,
hears prayers,
gives steadfast love in abundance,
does not delight in evil,
healer for the troubled,

Picked up these for a few dollars at the thrift store (sign makeover not pictured in this post)...
Wreath makeover: Bow from a strip of cloth bunched together, greenery from bush outside

Candlestick Makeover: Painted to look 'vintage' like an expensive set I saw recently

This was an old wood sign I had from years back but didn't love the graphic on it. Painted over with white and wrote out "give thanks"
I think it will stay up year round.

And here is our happy little Christmas tree that's traveled with us throughout our marriage (and was the perfect size for a 250 sq. ft. NYC apt).

It brightened Kristian's grandmother's home before she passed away. We are thankful to have it in ours. (And I am thankful Kristian has consented to turning off the built-in colorful fiber optic lights, and letting me add some little white ones.)