Saturday, November 06, 2010

Have you heard it?

The beautiful story about God adopting us into his family as sons and daughters?

And how He delighted in doing so?
How he wanted us to enter into the celebration of his lavish gift-giving by the hand of his beloved Son, Jesus.

And those of us who are part of His family are free. Free!
Abundantly free from penalties or punishments earned up by our misdeeds.
What freedom.

And if he had not chosen to bring us in things would be much different.
We would be hopeless, helpless, and without a family.
Read more about this beautiful story here.

Some say adoption is just trendy right now. Celebrities are doing it.
I say- perfect.
This is a trend I'm delighted to be a part of.
Let's bring orphans home. Lets deplete the foster care system.
If it takes a trend, wonderful.
But I pray it goes beyond that.

Last I saw there were still about 147 million orphans worldwide. That number is weighty.

But there's hope, and God is really moving the hearts of his people to care for those dear little ones. And I really do believe that's more than a trend.

I (one who calls God 'Father') must consider what it would have been like if He had not adopted me into His family.

It's National Adoption Month, and there's lots going on all over the country. There are endless heart-warming and heart-breaking stories.

Here are a few blogs you might want to slip into your reader of choice. They are worth your time:
The Livesay's
Katie in Uganda
The Hendricks'
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Here are a few events possibly in your area:
Oklahoma friends- Come by this Adoption Symposium today for all kinds of great information.

NYC friends- Take a peak at the wonderful ways Apostles Church is responding. 

Dallas friends- Learn more about Fostering at an event hosted by Watermark Church on November 13th.

Fathers and sons

Learn from personal experience:
Have a friend who was adopted when they were young?
Or one who has adopted a child?
Why not take them to lunch or coffee and learn from them? They might have some interesting and unique perspectives.

Not in a position to adopt but want to do something to help the many precious children in need?
Here are some great thoughts.

Let's all jump in and be a part of this most beautiful story.