Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Friends' Words and a Daddy's Blanket

Sitting in a local coffee shop on my "night off" (one night a week I try to steal away from the chores and endless to-do's and just relax, read, write...), feeling overwhelmingly grateful and simultaneously sad.

I unearthed my sweet notes today- my "Mom's Medicine" as they were named by Ginger, and that title is perfect. They'd been tucked away in a box since the move.

Little encouragements and prayers and verses left for me by many sweet friends at my baby shower in NYC...

"If he cries while changing his diaper, try singing. Both of my boys love it." -M.H.

"Katy, Expect to feel overwhelmed and out of control at times. Daily tasks that once seemed a necessity can sometimes be left for another day... Light a candle while you are nursing in a quiet room. It helps create a prayerful mood." -D.S.

"Katy, God is good and He will provide ALL the strength you will need to care and protect Caedmon Bryant, your little blessing." -J.T.

"Rule: Never pass off a smelly baby! If you smell it, change it!" -G.V.

And the encouragement goes on, and the tears fill my eyes here next to the coffee cup. I miss these lovely hearts deeply. And I'm so thankful for their words and reminders. (And that's #256 in the Journal.)

A few more praises from the last week:

186. Bear kisses with baby
188. Tonight's family walk with a stop at the museum
189. A date out with a wonderful grandma to babysit
193. The hymn, "Take My Life"
196. Fears in the night compelling me to pray
198. Kristian studying from home today
200. All will be made new.

203. Coffee
206. Borrowed baby toys from generous friends
211. Global perspectives
215. Beauty in the unnoticed

217. Friends to stay the weekend
225. Pumpkin bread with maple icing
230. Money to go grocery shopping (not a luxury for the world's majority)

238. My Great Shepherd
239. Julie (my youngest sister) on her 21st birthday!
241. Refinement
250. The way candles flicker
254. Handwritten things

257. Baby wrapped in his Daddy's baby blanket