Monday, October 11, 2010

Pics and Gifts

This little guys and I go for a walk every single morning. It's a highlight.

Friday, after picking Kristian up from school, we were in the mood to be outdoors. The weather has been unreal here and we are loving it. We found some trails at a nearby lake to indulge.

 Super-Daddy here hung a swing for Caedmon yesterday. 

He put his life on the line, but it was all worth it in the end.

A particularly lovely pea dinner. Yum.

A few 'thanks' in the journal from this past week:
14. Grocery shopping today
15. Lunch with Kristian
23. Wounded pride to help me grow in humility
33. The peace brought by Psalm 23
37. Dad and Kristian working on our yard
38. Mom cleaning our kitchen
61. Not having to be perfect
68. Shawna's voice on a phone message
73. Left-overs for dinner
80. How a prayer for another quickly brought attention to my own fault and need
84. People who read my blog
90. Play group with new friends
96. Invitation from a friend
100. Watching Kristian be a Daddy. Amazing
103. GRACE
120. You, Lord. My life would be chaos without you.

"Gratitude is the heart's praise"