Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our home- this and that.

Cute front door sign from my sweet mama. 

I'm loving spending moments here and there fixing up our home. I think I also love that it's rental so I don't feel a ton of pressure to make it look "perfect."  It's temporary, but as long as we are here I want it to feel like home- a place we are glad to be, able to relax, excited to return to, a place that makes guests feel comfortable and welcome.

It  feels like art to me, like a blank canvas. I love details, little interesting things that draw you in and are fun to look at. 

Little ones get chairs too.
(This belonged to my great, great grandmother. 
My grandmother sat in it, my dad, and so did I as a little child, along with my sisters and cousins.)

Found this at a garage sale. I don't know what it was, but now it's a picture wreath, named so by Kristian.

Fridge-top storage. 

I found this curtain rod at a garage sale the other day for 50 cents. It was in pretty bad shape, but after I hit it with the hose and an S.O.S  pad, it was good to go. The curtains were in the clearance bin at Walmart. There were two panels included in the pack.  But a slice down the middle of each one made four, and created the 'scarf' look.

We love having a kitchen table (a luxury the past has not really allowed). We found this one on craigslist for about $20. 
The couch pillow covers are mainly handmade. I did a post a while back about using cloth napkins (bought these new with tags from a thrift store) as a cheap alternative to store-bought pillow covers.


Found this round ornamental piece at a garage sale for $5. The cream colored jug was another $5 thrift store find. The baskets hold blankets and albums, and (kind of) hide ugly cords and prevent baby from reaching outlets.


Garage sale wooden frame with some twine and clothespins holds a page from an old calendar in our bedroom. 

Here's that baby I was talking about.

I apologize to my sweet friends who have been asking for pictures for over three months now. More to come!

(And contrary to how it may sound, I do not go garage sales and thrift shops everyday.)