Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Good quote.

"'What did you do today?'  I used to love being asked that question.  I took pride in my busyness and productivity.  What I do now can't be calculated like most people measure tasks.  I'm busy all day, but I don't have much tangible evidence to remind me of what I did, much less to recount to someone else.
I was a mother today.  I loved today, not always perfectly, but I did love.  I didn't earn any money today, but I did contribute to the good of the world.  I was a mother. 
Thank you, God, for giving me so valuable of a job."
~ from Meditations for New Moms by Sandra Drescher-Lehman

I had to share this quote from my friend, Christine's, blog. 
It's so often how I feel!