Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Room for Baby

This boy is constantly on the move. 

And working hard to drink that bottle.

The house is not fully put together yet but it's getting there. I gave myself a deadline to get it wrapped up for the most part or I could go on forever. There will still be little projects here and there, but I want to focus my time and attention on other things. Caedmon has been a trooper as we've hit up garage sales and thrift shops and Hobby Lobby the last couple weeks.

So here is a little peak into the nursery. I kept a similar theme to the NYC nursery since I had all the stuff for it. Like I said then, I wanted to use pretty neutral colors and items so that they have longevity as he grows, making it more cost efficient, and then throw some fun things in here and there to make it fun and unique.

Probably my favorite little part is the ribbon of flags. These things are popular right now I guess because I see them around all the time. 
This one was so easy to make.  I just put it together one evening after Caed had gone to bed and Kristian was studying.

It's just made of scraps of fabric- about 12 squares sewed on a ribbon. It has a very 'rugged' style (that's the style you claim when you don't know how to sew very well. People will think you meant for it to look like that.) No, I really did mean for it to look rugged, which wasn't very hard :)

I don't have many scraps yet since I haven't been sewing very long so I went to the fabric store and dug through the remnants bin that are all super discounted and found some.

I made each square first. Some have buttons sewn on, or rope or funky stitching. If you wanted to put more time in it you could do a word or initials. 

Then I just sewed them on to two ribbons. And that was it! So easy and fun to make. 

Here's his little changing area and dresser. Basically the same stuff from last time. Added some paper globes we already had tied up with some twine.
An old hanging kitchen basket I had from out first apt now holds Kristian's old glove and several balls I acquired the last several years at work. 

And a beautiful new addition... This rocker was a wedding gift to Kristian's great-great grandparents. (I think that's right). Kristian's dad recently gave it to us and we love it.
Mounted to this piece of wood is an Auca Indian spear brought back from my family's trip to Ecuador my senior year in high school. (The Aucas are the tribe connected with the Jim and Elisabeth Elliot story which I've spoken of before.)

There's also a frame holding fun vintage postcards from some places we've traveled. 

We're having tons of fun playing on this floor. We didn't really have room like this in NYC so this is a nice little Norman perk!

And a cute baby boy completes it!