Friday, August 27, 2010

The Picture.

I've just seen a picture. 

It's of two twin boys Caedmon's age- 7 months. 
They are so precious and adorable and wide-eyed.

There is a difference, though.

Caedmon gets stronger and chubbier and more inquisitive everyday. He is exploring and crawling and curious, Lord willing, has a whole life ahead of him.

However, in this photograph I see a different story.
On one of the twins I see a bare chest with thin skin outlining 10 ribs, 5 on each side of the rib cage. 
On the other, a onesie just swallows him up, two little bones with skin coming out each sleeve.
I see two mouths hanging wide open.  
There are empty eyes just staring with no energy to explore. 

I am struck tonight by the extreme need in our world, and it overwhelms me.

There are babies Caedmon's age starving to death at this very moment.
Some of their parents are overwhelmed with grief but cannot afford anything to feed them.
Other parents have knowingly left their children to starve, sometimes due to issues within the culture that lead them to believe the child is not worth caring for.

This is tragic. 
I am praying for God to continue to show us the best way to serve these people. 

We were so blessed during our pregnancy by all those who gave to needy children and moms through our Baby Registry.   It was wonderful to receive note after note informing us of a donation by a generous friend or family member, and that because of it at least one new baby would receive the nourishment and medical care needed to help him begin life.

What does a continued response to this issue look like?
One obvious and immediate answer that comes to mind, and the Kristian and I talk about often, is a life of increased simplicity in order to free up more to give away.

Our culture tells us to build up wealth for ourselves for our comfort and pleasure.
Jesus tells us (in Matthew 6) to build up our treasure in heaven, not earth.
For where your treasure is, there is your heart.

How do we balance these things in everyday life?
This is a continual question in my mind and one that I am seeking guidance on.

I read this great line the other day:
"When you live in light of eternity, your values change.
You use your time and money more wisely.
Your priorities are reordered..."

May I always be sensitive to the Lord's promptings in the areas of time, money, priorities, and most of all- people.