Friday, August 13, 2010

5 Amazing Years

Today Kristian and I celebrate five years of marriage. What a reason to celebrate. I could not be happier.

I was thinking back on the past five years and I believe the word that can best sum them up would be ADVENTURE.  An adventure can be defined as "an exciting or remarkable experience," and that is completely true about these last five years, as well as "an undertaking usually involving unknown risks," which is also quite fitting. 

Life with Kristian has been an adventure in so many ways...

We are now residing in our fifth home in five years, which includes three cross-country moves. Each place holds special meaning and significant lessons. Contrary to how five homes in five years may seem, there was thought, prayer, and intentional planning that went into each of them.

There has been adventure in the lessons we have learned and the ways that we have felt our hearts, perspectives, and realities change.  The Lord has taught us so much in these last five years about people- those hurting and suffering, those in the Church, our friends and our family.  I have been blown away when time after time He seems to teach us something or incline our hearts in a certain way at just about the same time. I'm so thankful for that.

There has been adventure within our little Rose family as we found out we were pregnant, lived through those nine months, went through a crazy natural childbirth process, and of course the amazing journey of learning to be parents to a precious little boy.

And there has been such adventure in our relationship. There is so much to learn about oneself once you have entered into marriage, or at least there was for us. I learned I was a whole lot more prideful and selfish than I knew, that I could be quick to judge but reluctant to accept "feedback," and that I am going to be wrong- once in a while. 

But there is so much sanctification through marriage and I am thankful to a husband who is patient, understanding, and able to laugh. It is remarkable to have someone who loves you like that. He brings out the best in me and encourages me in my strengths. 

I understand the love of God more clearly by the way that Kristian loves me and that is a beautiful thing. He is a gift to me.  Everyday is not perfect and is never will be, but that is why we need the Lord- for guidance in our relationship, strength to love the other, and an example in Jesus. That is the true gift!

And I greatly anticipate the adventures that we will experience together in years to come.

Now I must go pour a cup of coffee because the baby is awake and Kristian just walked through the door with a bag of Daylight Donuts (an Oklahoma special he tells me.)

Happy Anniversary, my Love!