Friday, July 30, 2010

You know you're not in NYC anymore when...

You try to walk somewhere instead of drive and someone offers you a ride because they assume something is wrong with your car.

You try to walk somewhere instead of drive and then come to find there are NO SIDEWALKS but you have to keep going so arrive at your destination with muddy, bug-bitten feet.

Your landlord gives you a washer and dryer since you don't have one.

Your landlord offers for you and your family to stay with he and his wife until your moving van arrives.

You can be at a casino in 10 minutes any time of day or night.

An overflowing cart full of groceries and housing necessities is less than $200.

You regularly see signs advertising such things as "$4.99 All You Can Eat Chicken Tenders,"
or "$2.99 All You Can Eat Pizza Buffet"

Your neighbors drop by just to say hi and welcome you to the neighborhood.

There is a place for everything.  Gone are the days of creative storage, at least for now.

Portions are big, and the prices are small. 

You can eat at Chick fil A!

You hear the sweet hum of a washer and dryer inside your very own home.


Our house is pretty small by some people's standards but to us it feels large and is perfect. It was built in 1950 which gives it some "old-timey" charm, but still allows for some decorating blunders such as the avocado green kitchen sink (maybe that was added in the 70's) and the pink tile bathroom.  The outside is just plain red brick and pretty much looks like every other house on the street. There are two very large trees- one in front and one in back.  I look forward to hanging a swing in one of them for the munchkin.

The little downtown strip is just a few minutes away and has an assortment of cute shops and restaurants.  A Sonic-type drive-up diner called Classic 50's is just around the corner and we have already gotten way too many milkshakes. 

Here are a few pics of our place empty. Still working on getting it set up so will post more soon. 

Living room/ breakfast nook

One of the more challenging spaces... an all PINK bathroom. Yikes.

One of the bedrooms


We wanted to get out and walk yesterday but it was too hot so we went to Sooner Mall and strolled around. We stumbled upon a photography exhibit promoting adoption called "Waiting Children."  It displayed images of children in foster care in the area.  Some of the frames had stickers on the glass that read "Loving Family Found!" or something like that, meaning they had been adopted since the exhibit had gone up, I guess. There was a baby boy about Caedmon's age (he was part of a sibling group with older children), which made me feel sick to my stomach. I wanted him to have a Mommy and Daddy so bad. 

Kristian and I walked away pretty moved. It was powerful- not in the sense that the display was awesome and the pictures were breathtaking, but in the sense that this issue is so real and important and we are so broken-hearted by it.   

And what a great reminder that there are people in need everywhere.  

If you are interested,  there is a great adoption blog we follow called Together for Adoption.