Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Museum Mile and Some News.

Last night was the Museum Mile festival. We've never done it before but I'm so glad we decided to go this year. All the museums from 84th to 104th are free from 6-9 and 5th Avenue is closed to traffic and is full of artists, musicians, and kids beautifying the street with chalk. 

Julie is here. It is amazing. Not only is she so wonderful to be with and talk to, but also she lends two more hands around the house and with Caedmon. 

Any stay-at-home mom who also has a nanny or house keeper will no longer find any judgement from me. I am experiencing the awesomeness of life with two adults around during the day. 

Sigh.... I better enjoy this last week with her around. 
But besides any thing she is doing for us, it is just so lovely to be with her. Any time spent with one of my sisters is a good time.

Julie has the best laugh and is always up for a fun adventure or new experience. I love that about her. But she is also deep and we have really life-giving conversations. 

Our jaunt down 5th Ave ended with a picnic on the Great Lawn. Oh how we will miss the Great Lawn (more on that in a minute).  It has been the site of countless picnics with dear friends over the last four years. 

Love this shot of Kristian showing Caed around the baseball fields. 

So now on to the sad part. 
We will be parting with this beautiful city on July 1st. 

This has been along, hard, prayerful decision process as our close circle of friends and family know, but we are confident in the Lord's leading. I won't go into all the details here. 

We are headed west to Oklahoma. Kristian will be attending OU Law School in the Fall.
Though we are extremely sad to leave, we are excited about what is in store. Life so far as a married couple has not looked even one tiny bit like what we would have guessed 5 years ago. But we are exceedingly grateful and will continue to lay all plans at the Lord's feet and trust his guidance. He is always more than gracious in his provision for us.

So the next few weeks are going to fly by in a frenzy of packing and cleaning and spending time with friends, but we are trying to slow down make the most of our last days here.  I will try to document as much as possible (this blog really serves as kind of a "scrapbook" for our family that I love looking back on and remembering), though I'm finding less and less time available to sit down at the computer.