Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Walk down Memory Lane (or Hui F Rd.)

I stumbled across these old pictures yesterday from about 5 years ago.  It feels like another lifetime.
This was our first little apartment (well second if you count the month over my parent's garage) as newlyweds... the Coconut Inn.

I know we've talked about our Hawaiian apartment before on here but I don't think we've posted these lovely shots.  As you may remember, we moved to Hawaii with a few articles of clothing, a travel guide to Maui, and that's about it.  And after our stay the first few nights at the Banana Bungalow, and the purchase of our car, we only had a few dollars to our name.

So, pretty much everything that you see in this apartment was from a shed that the landlord of the Coconut Inn had out back (saved from the 1970's when the Inn was actually an Inn and wicker was all the rage) , purchased from a jackpot garage sale (yes, even the bed) the day we signed our lease, or given to us by our friends, the Vizthums. And a few little decorations (like the candles) were purchased over time from the Goodwill in Lahaina. Oh, we did get our sheets at Walmart. 

We sure did work with what we had. It's really good for me to look back and remember the simplicity of this place.  And the lack of money and things there made us no less happy whatsoever. We were not poor by most of the worlds' standards-- we had food to eat, shelter, and money to buy a candle here and there from Goodwill. But by our standard of living up to that point in our lives we felt a bit destitute. (yes, yes, i know- we were in Hawaii.)

I've always loved a quote I read many years ago in college-- Comparison is a Joy Stealer.

I remembered it then in Hawaii, and remind myself of it often now, and it will always be a good truth. People will always have more than you, and people will always have less than you. Don't look from side to side. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.