Monday, May 10, 2010

A Public Apology

There is absolutely positively no excuse for the fact that some people from my baby shower in NOVEMBER 2009 have not received thank-you notes. Not to mention the showers in December, and all the other sweet gifts we have received along the way.

I think I was assuming that the year rule that applied the wedding thank-you's applied to baby thank-you's as well. But I haven't seen that confirmed anywhere except my own head.

We took a meal to friends with a new baby last week. 
Two mornings later I received a thank-you for the meal. Like 36 hours later.
She must have literally been writing the note while we were there visiting, and slipped out the door right behind us to put it in the mailbox. 
I almost threw it away before Kristian got home from work so that he wouldn't see how on top of things she was (accentuating how behind I am). But I decided that would be wrong and deceitful. So I left it in the mail pile for him to see. He was kind.

So, please please forgive me, all you amazing wonderful friends and family who I love so much. 
It's not that I'm not thankful. Quite the contrary! Thank-you's intimidate me because I feel the need to write every nice thing I've ever thought about the recipient, causing each note to take about 30 minutes, meaning I have about 60 hours of writing ahead of me. I guess I will have to work on condensing. 

Your note is coming. And please know we are so very thankful. 
Seriously, Caedmon's room would be empty and he would be naked if it weren't for all of you.