Wednesday, April 07, 2010


If you haven't seen it, you should really take an hour and watch the latest Extreme Home Makeover with the Beach family from Texas.

I was already crying in the opening scene.

They are apparently members at Ecclesia in Houston (you Heights folks know what I'm talking about) and Chris Seay preforms the wedding ceremony in the show.

It's an amazing story. Watch it.


Oh, my heart just melts with this baby!


Several times a day I am having flash-forwards to the years ahead when I will have no babies at home and I will just be aching to hold them again. (I'm starting to understand how you feel now, Mom and Dad!)

And it just makes me appreciate the time right now all the more. I try to imagine all the things that I could potentially think then... what will I wish I had done more of, or less of? What will be the things that really seem to have mattered?

And though I am faaaarrrr from getting it right, I'm trying to make the most of my days with Caedmon with those thoughts from my future self in mind. (Does that even make sense?)

(I just love these chubby legs!)

We had an awesome Easter, but sadly we didn't get too many great family Easter pics. That doesn't really matter though, does it.

Here was my Easter basket this year.


Caed at about 10 weeks old


Kristian spoke at our Good Friday service this year. I loved how he spoke about God giving up his own son - now with a whole new perspective.

He said that last week he was up with Caedmon in the early hours before the sun. He was just holding him and looking at him thinking, "I just love this baby!"

He couldn't fathom giving him up for anything. And the reality of what God did with his son, Jesus, for us hit him in a new way. It really is incredible.

To allow the sins of the world- the chaos, the evil, everything unjust- to allow that to fall upon his Son on the cross FOR ME, FOR YOU... that is amazing love. It's love that I can't even wrap my head around.



Daddy and Caed on our walk in the park Easter afternoon


Happy Easter.
He is Risen!