Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Babies and Baseball

It's baby central right now!! Two friends last week, one friend had twins yesterday, and one arriving anytime in the next few hours!! Welcome Blake, Maelee, Baby A & B (not yet named) and Teegan!!!

Here's us visiting Steve, Becky and Maelee when she was just about 48 hours old last week.

Next up, Little boy Sullivan in June. Can't wait!

Last night Caedmon went to his first baseball game! It helps that mommy works for the manager of the team- we were in a comfy box with food and drinks and couches. He certainly shouldn't get used to such a life!

(Even though we were rooting for the other team) Mr. Met came in to say hello! 

My good friends, Laura and Jenn, with the babe.

and he finally crashed after all the excitement and attention.