Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St.Patrick's Day!
(and thank you, Angela, for the adorable onesie!)

Today has already been full off activity! Two explosive diapers within an hour necessitated three outfit changes, well four including mine, and a furniture cleaning. A shower was also in demand, a couple feedings, breakfast, and a few St.P pictures.
And all this before starting work at 9am!
Time for a nap if you ask me... but Caedmon didn't ask me and decided to skip the two naps he was already supposed to take today. Oh well :)

Kristian often gets Caedmon first thing in the morning when it's time for him to eat, changes him, and brings him into me. It's a happy start to the day. Here is the little leprechaun who greeted me this morning. He is very smiley these days.

I did a little research to find out the story of St.Patrick last year and found it to be pretty interesting. Read about it HERE.

The weather is gorgeous! Foundation work is done for the day and now we are headed out into the city. We are even being extra "green" today and making a trip to the Farmer's Market down in Union Square.