Friday, January 22, 2010

One of the more interesting tips I've received from total strangers

Envision middle-aged Italian New Yorker working at grocery store deli counter...

Man: "So how far along are you? 28? 29 weeks?"
Me: "Oh, no actually he was due 5 days ago!" (He obviously didn't have full view of my belly from behind his counter)
Man: "Whoa!! No way!! Ok, well you see that smile on your face? I'm telling you, and tell your husband this, 9 months from now that smile is gone! Gone!! Trust me!"
Me: "Oh... ok, well I sure hope not!"

he continues...
Man: "Ok, here's what you gotta do. My wife's been a labor and delivery nurse 22 years so I know...
You leave here and you go to the liquor store. You buy a bottle of tequila.
Tonight you take a shot of tequila. Your husband will be very happy!
You have a nice evening with your husband.
I promise you, by morning you will have a baby."
Me: ", wow! Well thanks for the great tip!"

While the guarantee of baby by morning is quite tempting, not sure if I'm up for the shot.
So I guess we'll just keep waiting.

And I need to go repack my suitcase as well. He told me a whole list of what and what not to take to the hospital, and even gave me directions to the closest branch of his grocery store for Kristian to go get me food. Apparently I should NOT eat what the hospital serves me.