Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun Design Challenge

I once read from a wise woman:
"I think it's pretty cool that as mothers we have the opportunity to create an oasis of love for our children in the midst of a harsh and uncaring world, in the midst of a small house/large house...

this oasis is really begun not by anything I do to make a place look pretty or organized, but when I understand that all things are from Him, every circumstance, every situation... a part of a molding and making me like Jesus Christ.

It is Christ that makes a home a place that is an oasis of love."

Love that.
The Tiny Nursery Challenge:
-Spend very little, work with what I have
-Incorporate nature and things "boyish"
-Create a peaceful haven in the midst of a loud and crazy city and neighborhood

The Result:
The little room is getting there. I'm happy with it's feel at this point. I think I spent a total of about $60 to redesign it, but of course we were given many of the things in here by very generous people in our lives.

I'm still working on a few little projects, and I'm sure I'll change it up a bit, but here's what we've got for now...

I love neutrals and natural tones. Since the baby's room is so small I thought it would be good to keep it as light and airy as possible so it didn't close in on us. When Anne lived here we had painted one accent wall a khaki color and the remaining walls were white, and I decided to keep it this way. So the room colors are tans, white, cream, with some blue accents.

I used mainly all furniture we already had. We sold our beloved twin bed that has slept so many friends (and strangers) and we were given a beautiful crib by my parents.

The wooden captain's chair is one we brought to NYC from my grandparent's house when we moved here. It's extremely old, but I love the character. I'm not sure if it will be able to stay in the room for long as we may opt for a rocker at some point, but we'll see.
The bookshelf is one we found on the curb about 3 years ago and have used ever since. Kristian helped me convert this into a changing table by mounting the mat on top.I know I will be spending many hours standing at this changing table. I tried to think about what I would want to stare at in front of me (besides the sweet baby of course), so I used this frame without glass and a big clip from Goodwill to create a place where I can clip up different scripture every week or so. (A few friends and I are going to try and memorize with Nancy Leigh DeMoss's "Voyager" plan this year).
The white chest of drawers has been with me since early college, and goes all the way back to my mom's childhood days. Lauren had a similar one in college and we used them in our various rooms together. I repainted it (I think maybe the 7th color it has been), and changed the knobs to dark black/ brassish one- some of the cheapest Home Depot had.
The shelves are just made of planks we had from a previous shelving unit. I'm looking forward to filling a couple of the frames with some family black and whites once Baby comes! I also incorporated a few old ones that I love- My mom taking me home from the hospital, my mother-in-law with Kristian when he was a little less than a year, and Kristian on a horse as a little boy.
Murph gave us the adorable frame with blue polka dots.
The pillow case was made from a cream dish towel, a piece of a burlap coffee sack, and the horse off a Fendi purse cover that someone left behind in the room after their Chinatown purchase (Julie?). I tried to scrape off the "Fendi" and just keep the horse. Sewed it all together in a kinda rugged way to make the little cover. Crazy textures are kinda fun.

Thank you, Grandmother, for the beautiful knit blanket! It's perfect.

One of the crazier features in the room- the twig valence! Like I said, I really wanted to incorporate nature and things that felt "boyish" in the room, and these big sticks seems to fit that description. Kristian and I went to the Park one day in the freezing cold and collected twigs and sticks, and then I tied a few of these longer ones together with twine to make the valence. It definitely has the rugged feel I was going for!

The white curtains are just made of a twin sheet, cut down the middle and hemmed.
An over-the-door shoe holder stores tons of odds and ends, socks, hats, etc.
Various baskets and boxes hold blankets and diapers. Gotta get creative with storage here!

The big frames over the bed used to be in our living room and were actually purchased at Urban Outfitters a couple years ago for $1 each! They had some crazy psychedelic posters in them and I had to rip the backing off the frame. I have found that you can often get cheap frames on sale that have stock art in them that you think are permanently mounted in the frames. But if you just rip the paper off the back and sometimes remove a few staples, you can flip the art over to create a white back drop and insert your desired pictures.

In these frames I chose a few shots of the forest from our Colorado trip this past summer.

I'm sure I will make several adjustments once we learn what life with the baby is actually like! We shall see.

Our son will actually sleep with us in a Moses basket next to our bed for the first couple months or so to make night feeding easier, then we'll move him into the big crib.
That's all for now. All we need is a baby!