Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Post for 2009

Happenings from the last few weeks...

No, we don't only bake and eat around here (though we do a good amount of that), but seems to be when I take the most pics.

Christmas in NYC was wonderful, though we of course missed our families. It seems like we have been in hibernation for about a week now, which has been pretty awesome. There was a huge snow storm last week that left the city beautiful.

We celebrated our annual Rose Family Christmas Cookie Decorating Party and watched Christmas movies...
2009 December1
Kristian sitting on a park bench after the snow!...

2009 December2

Christmas Eve caroling before our church service started...

30 Rock from way up high

Christmas morning...

Christmas dinner with tons of great friends...
Kristian made a special cheese ball that was quite a hit!

2009 December3
These words were wonderful to read on this last morning of 2009.
2010 is bringing many unknown (though exciting) events, and I love knowing that I can just rest in the peace of Christ.
May each of you find the same peace today, and in this next year.

As this year draws to a close, receive My Peace.
This is still your deepest need, and I, your Prince of Peace, long to pour Myself into your neediness.
My abundance and your emptiness are a perfect match.
I designed you to have no sufficiency of your own.
I created you as a jar of clay, set apart for separate use.
I want you to be filled with My very Being, permeated through and through with Peace.

Thank me for my peaceful Presence, regardless of your feelings. Whisper My Name in loving tenderness.
My Peace, which lives continually in your spirit, will gradually work its way into your entire being.

from "Jesus Calling", December 31, by Sarah Young