Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Crepe Night, Heartmenders & Peacemakers

Recently Kristian and I found this adorable little Creperie on the UES. Check it out. And go there if you live here.
Nutella crepes are definitely one of the best foods on earth we have decided.
But eating crepes out can get pricey, so the other night Kristian made us crepes at home and they were amazing! It was kind of a lot of work, but the end results were worth it.
He made savory ones first with cheese and spinach. They were delicious, but really just a means to an end. We didn't think it would be prudent to just have nutella for dinner, though that's what we really wanted.
The real goodness! Nutella and banana crepes with vanilla ice cream on top. Oh they were SO good!!


We have talked about the Preemptive Love Coalition (Buy Shoes. Save Lives.) several times in the past.
They continue to increase in their reach and effectiveness and are saving many young lives from deadly heart disease.
We know most all the staff personally and they are amazing.
If you are looking for a cool Christmas present this year, why not order a few of their new Tshirts? They are so very cool. You will probably be the coolest person you know when you wear it.
Here's some info from their site and the place to order:

The Heartmender Tee

Put our yellow Heartmender Tee under the tree this year and 100% of the profit pays for heart valves and patches–the pieces that literally turn a dying heart into a thriving heart!

The Peacemaker Tee

Stuff our olive Peacemaker Tee into a stocking this Christmas and 100% of the profit goes directly to our Followthrough Program, the program that creates cooperation and peacemaking opportunities between communities at odds. In this shirt, your family and friends can know that you’ve brought together Arabs, Kurds, Turks, and Westerners who are breaking down the barriers to peace in Iraq and throughout the world with life-saving heart surgeries.