Wednesday, November 25, 2009


-That contentment is not found in what I possess, but only in the fact I am owned by God and he takes good care of his people.

-That our greatest commandment is not to judge people, not to save the world, not to know it all... but to Love.

-That our baby is healthy and growing, as far as the doctor can tell. Here is his fist literally punching me during the sonogram yesterday.

-That we now have a place to put our stroller, even if it did mean getting rid our our kitchen table. My parents got rid of a Porsche to have me. This is kind of the same :)


Handyman husband


-That I don't have to work again until Tuesday!

-That this weekend is the Rose Family Christmas Kick-off... decor, baking, music, movies, gift planning, addressing cards, hot chocolate, all around merriment.

-That we celebrate Thanksgiving!