Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Success!

The Love146 event on Saturday was a success!

I unfortunately was not in attendance. I learned earlier that morning that my pregnant body is not capable of all the things my non-pregnant body was. But Kristian was there for most of it, so I heard stories and saw pictures.

Kristian said that the Journey exhibit put up by the city was very impactful and very disturbing, complete with smells and sounds that could make one nauseous.

Thank you to everyone who has asked how it went!
And also thank you to all of you who are talking about this issue/ organization to your friends, on your blogs, and at your church! It's awesome to see the impact spread. This definitely seems to be a cause that gets at people's hearts and makes us want to jump on board.

Photography by David Anastasiou

Gathering to discuss the plan


Our NYC Task Force T-shirts, designed by Chuck Council

Cleanfitti! Pick any dirty spot and wipe away the dust and grime with your message!13051_181607988023_162160343023_2865638_3850301_n


Flyers around the City



The Journey exhibit