Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love 146 Task Force Event!

The Love 146 NYC Task Force will be in Washington Square Park on Sat. Nov 14th at 1:30 for our first raising awareness postering event and an opportunity to experience "Journey", a provocative, interactive art exhibit dealing with human trafficking on display in the park. http://styleinterviews.com/news/journey-installation-presented-by-emma-thompson-mayor-bloomberg/

1:30 -We will meet by the arch in Washington Square Park to pick up t-shirts, game plans/maps, and supplies. ( $13.00 short sleeve / $16.00 long sleeve cash or check accepted)

2:15- We will divide into 4 groups, each heading off into one of following neighborhoods: West Village/NYU, East Village, Lower East Side, and SoHo. Each group will spread the word posting flyers, doing “cleanfitti” and chalk stencil graffiti and handing out postcard sized flyers.

3:45-We will meet back at Washington Square Park to wrap up and walk through the amazing "Journey" installation.

We need as many people as possible to be part of this effort, so if you have friends or co-workers you think would be interested in helping , please feel free to invite them. The more the merrier! Looking forward to telling the Love 146 story with you!

A little more on Journey...
Open to the Public: Mayor Bloomberg, Actress Emma Thompson and a host of other very special guests, artists and curators will be launching a unique and provocative art installation depicting the ‘Journey’ of women trafficked across the globe into the sex industry.
Produced in partnership with the City of New York and the City of London.

Mayor Bloomberg said: “Journey brings human trafficking out of the shadows - I hope its arrival in New York sparks a conversation among New Yorkers about this pernicious form of exploitation. My Administration has used coordinated enforcement, tough new laws, and partnerships with service providers to fight human trafficking. Our efforts are overseen by a task force of police, prosecutors, service providers, advocacy groups and academics who welcome Journey and the unique attention it will bring this inhumane and criminal activity.”

Hope that's right, Mike!