Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a belly and a goal

a little impromptu photo shoot in my pj's last night when I realized there was a cute little heart aptly placed on the belly...

So, I have a goal.

I want to intentionally read the Bible in it's entirety- cover to cover- by the time Baby gets here in January.

I'll just be honest here...
I had this same goal before graduating high school. Failed.
Before graduating college. Failed.
Before getting married. Yep, failed.

I started again this January (before I was pregnant) with the goal to do it by the end of 2009, and did well for a while but soon lagged behind. It's disheartening when you are reading the "One Year Bible" and you find yourself reading March in July. Makes me feel I might as well give up. So I usually just revert back to the New T and the more "interesting" Old T parts.

Well, a few months ago I decided I REALLY wanted to meet this goal by the time I had my first child, even though I was way behind for the year.

I mean I have staked my whole life on this book. And it is supposed to be my life manual.
And I want to be a mom who can accurately portray the story of God to her children. This one read through won't cultivate that deep knowledge- that comes from study and time and revelation- but it still seems important to me to at least have covered it all.

So, there it is. It's out there and I will have to report back in January whether I finished or not. I obviously don't have the best track record. But I feel this time I have even greater motivation and desire. We'll see what happens!

Lord, please incline my heart to love your Word more than life (and internet, and baking, and fixing up the baby room, and all other things that pull me!)