Friday, August 28, 2009

Yea for Friday.

Song in my head this morning:

We don't see much "natural" beauty round here, besides the Park, and people, but trips like the one to Colorado a few weeks ago are great reminders of the beauty and power of Christ.

Speaking of that song, my parents sent me a great DVD called "Indescribable" for my b-day. (from Amazon) Louis Giglio "takes us on an image-rich journey through the cosmos, allowing us to peer into God's universe to discover the amazing magnitude of His greatness and grace."
It's awesome and I highly recommend it. You can borrow my copy.

Next, my lovely sister, Julie.
She just moved back down to school and has finished decorating her adorable new room. Could be straight out of the Anthropologie catalog. Isn't it cute? She and my mom painted all the furniture and made the bedspreads and curtains, and my dad helped her get it all set up.
I think it's precious.

Also for your Friday enjoyment, a recent testimony from one of our ladies at Midtown Pregnancy Center. This woman comes to counseling the evening I am there and she's had quite a fun time giving me all sorts of tips and advice for my own pregnancy. She's very sweet and just had her baby girl. Hope this story gives you a little more insight into what we do there...

When I arrived to the MPSC, I was uncertain and afraid. I knew that the decision I had to make would change my life forever. I am first generation Asian American, and although my parents were not too strict, they did have high expectations for their children. I am the baby of four, and I knew that my situation was not what my parents from mainland China expected. When I found out the pregnancy test was positive, I had mixed feelings, but from the beginning I loved this little thing growing inside of me as my mother loves me. I knew I wanted her.

My peer counselor at MPSC, Stephanie, helped me with all of my issues I ever presented her. I needed a job to support my daughter and she helped me acquire many different resources. She also helped me in prayer and encouraged me to tell my parents. After that, I decided that I would break the news to the grandmother-to-be, no matter how devastated she would be. Although it was hard to tell her, she never discouraged or encouraged me. I continued coming to MPSC and they gave me so much support. They also helped me with material needs, gave me my daughter's first blanket, and helped me get maternity and baby clothes. They even threw a baby shower and I received the things that I needed!

The day my daughter, Jaylynn, was born, a wonderful lady from MPSC named Meredith came to help me through my 30 hours of labor! She stuck by us the whole time and was there coaching me, massaging my swollen feet and just being as supportive as anyone could imagine. She must have been the third person in God's earth to see my little darling, Jaylynn!

I thank God to have encountered this organization -- they have been a God-send and a true blessing! Also, my mom is now a proud grandmother and thinks that my daughter has the most beautiful eyes. I couldn't imagine my life without my daughter and am so grateful to be her mother!
(pictured is the client with my friend from the Center who acted as her doula)

Happy Friday to all!

Oh- I've been feeling our little boy kick for a couple weeks now but last night was the first time Kristian could feel it from the outside. It was so exciting!