Sunday, August 16, 2009

A few great days!

Thursday was our 4 Year Wedding Anniversary! I'll write more on that later, but in short- I'm in love, and overwhelmed with thankfulness.
Also on Thursday, Kristian and I went in for a fun little doctor's visit. We watched the screen for about 45 minutes as the nurse scanned and measured every little tiny part of our baby. It's quite an amazing thing to behold.

This happened to be the visit... the one where you can find out the sex of your baby.

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to wait and leave the surprise for the birth-day.

That's how my parents did it (though there wasn't a choice with all their babies), and we are a family who LOVE surprises.

Kristian likes surprises too... in moderation. But I knew he'd love to know this one ahead of time. He had been very selfless and left the decision completely up to me. For months I've been leaning towards not finding out, but just last week I started to become so very curious.

So we decided to have the nurse write down the verdict and put it in an envelope for us to read after we were out of the hospital. Kristian was taking me out for our anniversary on Saturday so we thought we would open it up then. Ha! We headed straight out of that place to lunch and ripped it open.

He opened it up first and looked at it and the best expression came over his face- total excitement and shock and a huge grin. I had no idea what that meant. Then he passed it across the table me to, beaming.

It read, "IT'S A BABY BOY!!!"

We are SO very excited, and now praying for the little guy who's growing every minute. Yea for Little Baby Boy Rose!

Later that evening we had our second Love146 NY Task Force Meeting. I'm really excited to be a part of this group. There was about 25 at the meeting, out on the Sullivan's patio, and we discussed the issue of child sex slavery, it's impact on our city, and then spent a bulk of the time divided up into our newly-formed subcommittees: Advocacy, Awareness, Fundraising, and Prayer.

Kristian and I are participating on the Fundraising Committee. Our group will be planning some upcoming events over the next year and thinking creatively about way to bring in money to help with this important cause.

Friday night there was a screening of the documentary "Not For Sale" and a lot of folks from our task force headed out there. The weather was perfect and tons of people showed up for the outdoor viewing.
And Saturday we got to go out for a most wonderful anniversary celebration. More to come.
And posts still to come on our delightful Colorado adventure!!

A parting thought for the day...
"Our entire life will be determined by which "bread" we pursue. There are no more dangerous lies than the ones that lead us away from a loving hope and surrender to the Creator we cannot see, and toward a bondage to an endless, unsatisfying pursuit of what is passing away." -P.D. Tripp