Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 Ways to Help in the Fight Against Modern Day Slavery

If you're interested, here are a few things we can all do. (these tips mainly came from the screening we went to a few weeks back.)

1. Stay Informed
Read the difficult stories to make a difference. Visit for country-specific updates on slavery. Sign up for their newsletter and use their resources and publications.
Human trafficking is a systemic problem deeply rooted in poverty. Recognize that the solution is anything but simple, and educate yourself on what needs to be done.

2. Host Your Own Movie Screening
Get a few friends together to watch Not for Sale, or a similar documentary. Have everyone donate $10 to one of the anti-trafficking organizations.

3. Consume wisely (this is something TeamRose needs to take more seriously)
Commit to buying slave-free products. Visit to see which local stores sell fair trade products.

Submit an article/essay about an anti-trafficking event to your local newspaper, a relevant magazine, or school publication

5. Advocate
Contact you local mayor, governor, Senator, or Congressman to make the abolition of slavery a priority in politics. Go to or for tips.
Kristian and a group from the Love146 Task Force visited Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's office a few weeks ago to discuss U.S. efforts to combat child trafficking. Representative Maloney wrote and helped secure passage of the "End Demand for Sex Trafficking Act" and is a leader in Congress on efforts to combat human trafficking.

6. Support
Donate to on the several organizations committed to stopping human trafficking. There are many! ( is a great one)

7. Organize
Create a community or school club to help spread awareness. Love146 Task Forces are being formed in cities all across America. Think about starting one!
Check out or for tips.

8. Fundraise Creatively
Food sales, benefit concerts, dinner galas, art exhibits, car washes, karaoke, etc

9. Host a "Shop for Freedom" Party
At this event you can encourage your friends to buy products made by survivors, allowing your friends to make an immediate impact in the lives of survivors.

10. Pray and Allow God to Speak to You Through His Word
It's a fact there's sex-trafficking in all large cities in America. Think about organizing a prayer walk or meeting, and pray through scripture relating to discernment, injustice, and freedom.
We can do Number's 1-9 all we want, but God is the one with the ultimate power. Pray that we can effectively serve as his hands and feet, and that he will lead us in the most beneficial strategies for ending this injustice. What an honor to serve him!