Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

As I get older I realize more and more how thankful I am for my Mom. (I could have used a few ounces of that during my middle school years.)

Memories often come to my mind that just overwhelm me with thankfulness for her...

Like how she stayed home with us girls, even during financially difficult times (and frustrating times when I'm sure she would have liked to have been far far away!)

And like how she has always served us.
I found this picture on my computer and had to post it because it is quintessential Mom (and Grandmother!)... always in the kitchen cooking delicious and healthy things for the family. My Mom is a wonderful cook and I actually have very few memories of eating out while growing up (except Sunday afternoon) because she always cooked for us. There's nothing like her cooking!
And so many memories of her working to make things just right for us girls. She spent countless hours of her time sewing and hemming dresses and occasionally brought home an article of clothing to her daughter who hated to shop (me).

She's always taken such interest in our lives, asking so many questions and talking through so many situations. I have many memories driving around in the old mini van running various errands and just talking.

What a blessing to have had- and still have- a mom who is so present, caring, and available to her children.

There are so many more words but for now I'll just say- I so appreciate her.

I love you Momma!