Friday, May 01, 2009

May 1st is a special day

"There's a special kind of freedom sisters enjoy. Freedom to share innermost thoughts, to ask a favor, to show their true feelings. The freedom to simply be themselves."

"What's the good news if you haven't a sister to share it with?"
Today, on Anne's birthday, I'm thinking about how much I love having sisters.

In honor of Sister (as we all call each other), here are 10 things about her... some random, but all wonderful!

1. She's incredibly selfless. She does not clamor for attention or crave the limelight. She considers other's needs over her own. I think that's why everyone who knows her loves her so.
(She's always been this way. She used to check under my bed for me when we were little- yes, for me, her older sister, she sacrificed her life to whatever boogieman may have been lurking. Anytime I'd ask her- which was every night- she would get out of her bed, come over to my side of the room, pull up my dust ruffle, and peer under. Now if that's not selflessness...)

2. She's so smart. She reads at lightning speed. In college I always had her edit my papers.

3. She's a very gifted baker. Check out her most recent delicacies!! We love baking together (and do a good bit of it when she comes to visit). Everyday I receive some amazing new recipe or food website that she's found. I love her love for creating!

4. She and our other sister, Julie, thoroughly enjoy taking pictures of themselves together whenever possible (which may seem contrary to #1, but it's not). I can't even tell you how many pictures there are. Here's a little sampling.

5. She loves coziness... coffee, chocolate, quiet, music, sweatshirts... maybe that's why people feel comfortable around her.6. She's quite the crafty one! We occasionally trade images back and forth to use as our computer backgrounds. Here are a couple of hers:

7. She has an awesome laugh.

8. She cares deeply for her friends and nurtures relationships very well. It seems she always has time for you.9. She loves food... in a good way. We actually share a great delight in anything tasty to the point where we call each other just to tell about the delicious meal or treat we're eating and wishing the other one could be eating it too.

10. Her love for Jesus comes first. She is devoted to serving Him with her life, no matter where that takes her. She makes her decisions through the lens of His will.
You can read more about what she's currently doing to serve Jesus in this season of her life here.
Here's what last year's team did...

Annie, we love you so much and wish we could be with you today. But I have no doubt you'll have a beautiful Hawaiian birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Sister!!