Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kristian's Trip

There is so much to say about it.
It was a pretty incredible time.
Cambodian Brothel

A co-traveler has said a lot about it in a beautiful way, so we'll direct you to her.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Also, Kristian gave the sermon in church a few weeks ago and speaks a lot about the things experienced on the trip, and what we can do here. It's really great. You can listen to it here!

They were not permitted to take many pictures while there but here are a few shots frozen from video Kristian was (covertly) taking.

As one walks into the red light district they are greeted by men and women holding Menus... as easy as being at a restaurant... just pick what you want from the long line of options, and pay. Here is a lady trying to offer Kristian a menu.

A bouncer spots Kristian's camera and starts coming towards him.
Stalls selling souvenirs and clothes alternate with stalls selling girls. They are a commodity, totally dehumanized. (not speaking about the little girl pictured here)
The last day was an amazing one as Kristian and his team witnessed the opening celebration of Love146's first rehabilitation home.

Spending a couple days with these girls allowed Kristian to really see into the reality of this horrific problem- the reality that these young girls are just like the young girls we know and love here- our sisters, daughters, friends.

One lovely girl gave Kristian a little wallet sized photo of herself which is now hanging on our fridge.

Some of the girls preformed a beautiful celebration dance for the ceremony.

Things to help them make up for lost time...Kristian and some of the girls having a conversation on the porch of their new home.